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My name is Cameron. I'm a straightforward, relatively boring man living out in MD with my wife, two cats and a dog. In no particular order I am:

1. A graduate of SJSU's Radio/Television Department.
2. A former United States Marine with the MOS of 1345 or Engineer Equipment Operator. This means I could drive bulldozers in a combat environment.
3. A Livejournal refugee who got tired of handing his money over to Russians for little in return.

Philosophically, my attitude can be summed up very simply: I'm pro gun (Shooting bad people stops them from doing bad things more effectively than gun control), pro life (But I don't care about your stance as long as I don't have to fund your choices), pro capitalism (God provides, Capitalism facilitates), pro military (Grew up in it and served in it), pro American (Don't feel the need to apologize for that, even if you are European), and pro Israel (One of the few civilized areas in the Middle East).

As you probably guessed by now, I'm a bit on the conservative side. Surprisingly enough, I have friends who run the gamut of the conservative/liberal divide and I don't bother converting people. My views on the matter is Leave Me the Hell Alone and I'll be happy to show you the same courtesy.


Anime, Reading, Writing, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Guns, Military, Being UN-PC